California Association of Community Managers
The Value of Earning a Specialty Certificate

  Earning my CACM Specialty Certificate in Large Scale Community Management is one of the highlights in my career. Not only did the advanced classes afford me the opportunity to expand my industry knowledge, but the certificate itself has expanded my career opportunities.

-Julia Plummer, CCAM-LS
FirstService Residential California, LLC

Specialty Certificate Programs

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THE NEXT LEVEL in career development for experienced community association managers, a Specialty Certificate demonstrates an in-depth understanding of one of the management specializations, including High Rise, Large Scale, Portfolio Management or New Development Community Management.

Earning a Specialty Certificate and Designation
Experienced community managers can earn a Specialty Certificate and Designation in 3 steps:

STEP 1: Successfully complete the required coursework:


STEP 2: Email your choice of Specialty Certificate application to


STEP 3: Successfully complete the required narrative: Once steps 1 & 2 above are completed, you will be emailed assessment choices to write a brief narrative demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the required courses.


You will be notified via email (pass/fail), once your Specialty Certificate has been awarded, you may display it proudly in your office or include copies in board packets to promote your accomplishment. This remains valid from the date its awarded, and no continuing education or maintenance fees are required; however; maintaining your CCAM or MCAM is required in order to use the Specialty Certificate and Designation.  

At the time of formal email notification from you may begin to use your Specialty Designation in your signature block and business cards etc., in conjunction with your current CCAM or MCAM designation as follows:


Specialty Certificate
High Rise Community Management
Large Scale Community Management
Portfolio Management
New Development Community Management



Adjunct Designations

Age-Restricted Active Adult Community Management                  CCAM-LS.AA, CCAM-HR.AA, CCAM-PM.AA, CCAM-ND.AA

Commercial & Industrial CID Management                                   CCAM-LS.CI, CCAM-HR.CI, CCAM-PM.CI, CCAM-ND.CI


A community manager may earn one or all of the above noted specialties.


For more information regarding the Specialty Certificate Program, please email