California Association of Community Managers

CAMEx Designation

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GAIN RECOGNITION as a thought leader and supporter of a healthy, ethical and orderly community management industry. The CAMEx is an acknowledgement of your contributions to the industry and reflects your willingness to work on shaping the industry for the good of all. It is about “giving back” to the community. Only a few of the top members of our industry are eligible for the CAMEx designation.

The CAMEx designation may be used in addition to a current CCAM, CAFM or MCAM designation, e.g., Jane Doe, CAMEx, CCAM. However, holding a certification is not a prerequisite for holding the CAMEx.

Who can hold this professional designation?


Community management business executives, CACM board members and onsite general managers employed by an association. The CAMEx designation is for those members of CACM who have the highest level of decision-making authority within a management business or community and who are responsible for the strategic direction of their organization including oversight of public policy and keen awareness of macroeconomic factors affecting the community management industry.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Hold a CACM Individual Membership in good standing (to be in good standing you must have no outstanding monies owed to CACM or any pending activity with the CACM Professional Standards Committee); AND
  2. Serve the community management industry in one of the following categories:

      • Community association management business owner who meets the following requirements:

          • Has responsibility at the highest level of decision-making and strategic direction for your business such as oversight of public policy and keen awareness of macroeconomic factors affecting the community management industry
          • The business is a CACM Business Member
          • The business employs a minimum of five full-time CACM certified managers (CCAM, CAFM, MCAM) OR the business must be a Business Plus Member
          • Holds and maintains a CACM certification (CCAM, CAFM, MCAM) in good standing

      • Full-time onsite community association general manager who meets the following requirements:

          • Holds and maintains a CACM certification (CCAM, CAFM, MCAM) in good standing
          • The association employs a minimum of three full-time CACM certified managers (CCAM, CAFM, MCAM) OR the association must be a CACM Business Member
          • And any two of the following:
            • Manage a minimum of 500 homes/doors in a large scale community or 65 units/doors in a high rise community
            • Manage an annual operating budget of $3 million or more
            • Employ a minimum of five full-time employees

      • CACM board member


Note: Only one CAMEx per category is permitted from a community association or management business.


How much does it cost to earn?

  • There is no cost for the CAMEx designation.
  • You are responsible for event registration fees.
How to apply


Participation points 

A minimum of 9 "leadership" participation points per calendar year are required to maintain the CAMEx designation. Points are earned by speaking, teaching or otherwise participating in selected CACM events or programs.



CAMEx Leadership Participation Points:


Maintain existing CCAM or CAFM certification 2 Points
Maintain existing MCAM certification 3 Points
CEO Business Forum Attendance (Strongly Recommended) 5 Points
CACM Board of Directors 1 Point

CACM Board Committee Participation (EAC*, PSC*, PSC-MSC*)
(For current CACM board members)

1 Point/

Political Action Committee Support & Participation 1 Point
Legislative Committee Active Participation 1 Point
CACM Keynote Speaker/Panelist at Key Events 1 Point
Author Ethics Case Study for education and publication* 1 Point per case
Ethics Case Study Discussion Group Instructor* 1 Point
Advanced Ethics Course Instructor * 1 Point per course
Serve on CACM Faculty 1 Point
Public Policy Participation – Lobby an approved issue for CACM 1 Point
Specialty Certificate and MCAM Evaluations Reviewer 1 Point
Other opportunities as determined by CACM 1 Point
There is no continuing education requirement. Annual attendance at the CEO Business Forum is strongly recommended & one participation point in the area of Ethics is required (see options noted with *).
The CAMEx designation is valid for one calendar year and perpetually renews until one of the eligibility conditions is no longer met. Follow up information will be furnished through CACMs credentialing department.


For more information regarding CAMEx designation, contact CACMs Credentialing Administrator at 949.916.2226, ext. 319, or