California Association of Community Managers
Accredited Community Management Businesses

The following management businesses are building trust and peace of mind with their clients as a result of their demonstrated expertise in such critical areas as risk management, California law, financial controls and ongoing community manager training:

Action Property Mgmt.
Association Communication
Association Management Company
CitiScape Property Management Group
Collins Management
Condominium Financial Management, Inc.
Huntington West Properties
Matrix Assn. Management
Partners Management
PowerStone Property Management
The Helsing Group
The Management Trust - Northern CA
The Management Trust - Desert Division
The Management Trust - Southern CA
Walters Management
LB Property Management
South Coast Property Management


Management Business Accreditation

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Consider the benefits the CCAM, CAFM and MCAM certifications have for individual managers: the perception of professionalism among their clients is undeniable. You can create the same instant recognition for your company by earning the Accredited Community Management Business (ACMB) accreditation.

Taking the steps to become an Accredited Community Management Business (ACMB) sends a strong message to your association clients. It conveys that your management business is committed to ethical standards, implements strong financial controls in managing the clients' interests, and utilizes current risk management practices and necessary checks and balances.

What is the Accredited Community Management Business (ACMB) Program?
The ACMB program was established to ensure standards of practice and professionalism for businesses managing California community
associations. Accreditation of your management business offers instant and unparalleled recognition as a “professional” in the community management arena, and it communicates to the consumer that you and your employees adhere to the highest state-specific industry standards.

In addition, the Review of Internal Financial Controls, a key component of the prog
ram, shows your business's commitment to risk management practices and internal financial controls. This review must be conducted by an independent CPA to verify that AICPA and CIRA standards are being met. (Up to $1,000 is reimbursed if your company has a BusinessPlus Membership). For more information on a BusinessPlus Membership, please contact Melissa Hurtado at

Why should a management business pursue the ACMB accreditation?

Association boards look to community management business who position themselves with leading edge organizations like CACM. They want to be absolutely certain their communities are receiving the high level of care and attention they deserve. By earning the ACMB accreditation, your management firm will:

  • Display a positive image to the consumer, demonstrating your company's concern for stringent internal financial checks and balances.

  • Be identified as a company willing to join the ranks of other California management businesses promoting professional conduct and ethical standards of practice.

  • Provide you and your staff with continued personal and professional growth within the industry.
How does a management business achieve the ACMB accreditation?
  1. First, join as a business member and CACM will send you an ACMB application and package. Learn more about business membership.

  2. Complete the Internal Review Audit.

  3. Fill out the ACMB Application.

  4. Send in the application and application fee after verifying all necessary items are attached. Missing items may cause a delay in processing.

For more information, contact