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Davis-Stirling Tools

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In August 2012, AB 805 and AB 806 were signed into law by Governor Brown, and the new Davis-Stirling code sections became effective January 1, 2014. These revisions were necessary to make the Act more user-friendly for community managers and consumers alike.

Here are a few tools to help you make this transition successful:

Davis-Stirling Recodification Table
The recodified Davis-Stirling Act not only features new section codes, but it is also broken into chapters by topic for ease of use. CACMs Davis-Stirling Recodification Table allows you to reference the new code sections by either finding the existing code or searching by the new chapter topics.

For example, many community managers refer to CC 1365 when preparing their association's annual budget. To find the corresponding code for CC 1365, you can either skim through the existing code sections in the right-hand column, or you can reference Chapter 6: Association Governance, then locate Article 7: Annual Reports. The new code section for annual budget reports is CC 5300.

CACM will remain committed to updating this table as needed.

Download CACMs Davis-Stirling Recodification Table.

New Davis-Stirling Act
Review the complete revised Davis-Stirling Act prepared by affiliate member, Epsten Grinnel & Howell APC. 

Download the new Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act.