California Association of Community Managers

Get Involved

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Believe it or not, your voice counts and you can help make an impact on the legislation that affects Californias community management industry. Collectively, CACM members associations represent 14 million homeowners, or 38% of the California population. Together, we can make a difference.

CACM encourages you to consider the following options for becoming more involved in the legislative process.

Identify and Contact Your Legislators
In terms of California legislation, its all about who you know – or at least who you contact. Be proactive and identify who your local legislators are and learn how to connect with them. These are the individuals who listen to your concerns and speak to key decisions that impact legislation on CIDs.

Find your legislators through a quick zip code search at

Participate in CACMs Legislative Liaison Program

Want to be even more involved in CACM legislative efforts? Consider becoming a CACM Legislative Liaison, whose goal is to build relationships with state Legislators and promote CACMs policy objectives. Your efforts will play a major role in establishing and maintaining CACMs position in Sacramento as the voice of reason on common interest development policy.

Legislative Liaisons are appointed to a one-year term. Liaisons may reapply at the end of their term in order to continue participating in the program.

For more information, contact Tom Freeley, CAMEx, CCAM at