California Association of Community Managers

CMM230 Ethics for Re-certification

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Integrity is the number one quality employers and clients value. During this interactive course, a variety of scenarios that demonstrate the official rules of conduct for community managers will be discussed. Participants will review CACM’s Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Practice and gain an understanding of ethics complaints, disciplinary actions, and the appeals procedures. All of the same type of elements that appear in the classroom-based course, but developed with your busy schedule in mind—you can complete the course in one sitting…or in many.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the importance of ethics to the industry and each individual manager

  • Understand CACM’s structure and how it supports the organization’s role in defining and enforcing ethical standards

  • Understand CACM’s classes of membership and certification, as well as the related disclosures that are required

  • Know the requirements of the Code of Ethics, including general and specific standards

  • Understand the process for enforcement of the Code of Ethics, specifically the first steps for a member filing a complaint or responding to a complaint

  • Ask the right questions to ensure decisions are ethical

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Community managers who want to better understand the ethical responsibilities of their position

  • CCAMs, CAFMs, or MCAMs, as part of their recertification requirement

   Manager members who have re-certified at least once previously

Continuing Education Units (CEUs):

  •  CCAMs or MCAMs who successfully complete the course and exam earn 4 CEUs

Course Length:   4 hours

Course Fee:   Member  $169     Non-Member  $209

Entirely self-paced and on-demand through the CACM EduCenter.

Change on the horizon. CACM is raising the level of professionalism for our members; certified manager members are no longer required to take basic Ethics twice.

The Ethics for Community Managers CMM130 (live course) that you originally took in order to become certified is no longer the required Ethics course option in order to REcertify.


As of May 1, 2018 the Ethics for Community Managers CMM130 (live course)  will no longer offer CEUs for REcerification, and may ONLY be taken by those becoming certified for the first time.


As of May 1, 2018 If within your 1st original REcertification cycle: You have one Ethics option to recertify;

  1. Online Ethics for Recertification CMM230 ($169)


As of May 1, 2018 If within your 2nd or more REcertification cycle: You have two Ethics options to recertify;

  1. Advanced Ethics; Leadership & Decision Making LDR500 ($149) (Live course/requires no exam)
  2. Online Ethics for Recertification CMM230 ($169) (Online course which requires online exam to be passed within 14 days of registration date)


TO REGISTER for online Ethics for Recertfication ($169); go online to

STEP #1 click on My Account/EduCenter log in with your email & password, this takes you to your “Member Portal”

STEP #2 under “CACM EduCenter & Registration click on “Register for courses/events here”

STEP #3 click on Courses: Online Offerings& click on Ethics for Recertfication

– once registered you will receive confirmation email with instructions and you can go online immediately to take course and online exam.

Note: Please reference the time cut-off restrictions regarding course and online exam completion. This information will be in your registration email confirmation and in your EduCenter portal.

IN ORDER TO RECEIVE CEU CREDIT; All courses except for “Challenge” online certification courses, online law journal exams & retake exams require an online survey to be completed within 14 days of course date.



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