California Association of Community Managers

CACM Online Courses

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Modeled after CACM’s popular webinar series, these online courses offer you a convenient, interactive learning opportunity without the travel time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Attendees log in and call in from their home or office
  • A CACM instructor conducts the course live using slides for visual reference
  • Via the chat feature, attendees can ask questions during the course, see attendee responses and hear input from the instructor

The courses will cover the same content and incorporate the same activities as the live courses. Attendees will receive a link to the student workbook to download and print beforehand. Attendees are also encouraged to enjoy their lunch during the course; a short break is included within the course timeframe.
Online Courses

Board Administration (BDA)
BDA220 Effective Meeting & Election Tools
You explored meeting notices, motions, agendas and other meeting basics in CA Law Module IV. Now, delve further into the tools needed to run meetings and elections smoothly and effectively. Prepare the paperwork and learn how to handle difficult members and use parliamentary procedures. After taking this course, you’ll be adept at organizing annual meetings, establishing quorums and following election procedures.
CCAMs, CAFMs and MCAMs earn 4 CEUs. Learn more.
BDA300 Fundamentals of Effective Governance
This course is an introduction to BDA500 and provides a foundational understanding of Policy Governance® principles. Manager skills for success will be examined, including developing your strategic leadership mindset, new communication habits and accountability criterion necessary for working with a board within this framework. This course will help managers assess their readiness for implementing Policy Governance with their association boards. Practical application of Policy Governance with a board is covered in BDA500 (prerequisites apply).

CCAMs earn 4 CEUs. Learn more.
Community Management (CMM)
CMM100 HOA Core Principles (formerly The HOA Puzzle) (Self-Paced, On-Demand)

This course is about piecing together the people and practices of the California homeowners association industry. Increase your ability to contribute to your organization by learning about the intricacies of HOAs. If you work for an HOA or a company that provides service to HOAs, this course will convey a greater depth of understanding about all the pieces of the HOA puzzle. You’ll have fun learning about HOA governance structures, management models and professional practices for dealing effectively with clients through role-plays, breakout groups, and team quizzes.
No CEUs. Learn more.
CMM200 Enhance Your Professional Presence 
Increase your level of credibility and professionalism by effectively managing all aspects of the way you communicate with others – visually, verbally and on paper. This course focuses on Professional Business Writing; Polished Presentations; The Art of Influencing; and The Final Touch – Your Professional Image.
CCAMs earn 4 CEUs. Learn more.
CMM220 Conflict Resolution for Community Managers   
Developed specifically to help managers diffuse everyday HOA conflict situations, this course teaches the different approaches to conflict resolution and specific techniques to use with various difficult personalities and groups. You will leave this course feeling confident that you can manage any communication challenge -- from an irate homeowner to a contentious board meeting. 
CCAMs earn 4 CEUs. Learn more.
CMM230 Ethics for Re-Certification (Self-paced, On-Demand)

Integrity is the number one quality employers and clients value. During this interactive course, a variety of scenarios that demonstrate the official rules of conduct for community managers will be discussed. Participants will review CACM’s Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Practice and gain an understanding of ethics complaints, disciplinary actions, and the appeals procedures. All of the same type of elements that appear in the classroom-based course, but developed with your busy schedule in mind—you can complete the course in one sitting…or in many.

CCAMs earn 4 CEUs. Learn more.


Finance (FIN)
FIN 210 Assessment Collections
Learn about the proactive measures associations should take, the options available to the association once there is a delinquency, and how and when to bring in professional help. You’ll also explore the additional considerations that come into play when a homeowner has declared bankruptcy, as well as how the Civil Code and other laws and regulations influence the association’s efforts to collect.
CCAMs earn 4 CEUs. Learn more.
FIN 300 Budgeting
This course builds on the information learned in California Law Module II. The material incorporates real-life examples and hands-on activities to help you learn how to analyze and use reserve funding plans; budget for conversions and new construction; and utilize the budget and reserve study to help the board make fiscally responsible financial decisions.
CCAMs earn 4 CEUs. Learn more.
FIN320 Strategic Financial Planning
Do you know how to determine if your association is in financial trouble? Associations mired in financial challenges, such as underfunded reserves, deferred maintenance and looming special assessments, will benefit from your knowledge acquired in this course. You will be prepared to assist your board(s) in developing a strategic approach to reserve and operating fund planning and articulate the various elements and multiple options they can choose from in their desire to achieve financial stability.

CCAMs earn 4 CEUs. Learn more.

Insurance (INS)

INS200 Insurance Principles


This course reviews insurance requirements and options for community associations. You will dissect an insurance policy to find the “hidden” agendas and evaluate association insurance policies as you learn about a myriad of options. The student manual will continue to be a valuable reference tool with extensive explanations of coverage terms and policy clauses, as well as a comprehensive glossary of terms.

CCAMs earn 3 CEUs. Learn more.


INS300 Advanced Insurance Principles


This course uses scenarios to show you how to evaluate a wide variety of insurance dilemmas. You will explore the questions that have to be answered in order to determine the “insurable interest” and work with actual master policies and individual unit owner policies to better understand how to analyze the rights and responsibilities you should expect and demand.

CCAMs earn 3 CEUs. Learn more.

Management Specialization (SPC)


SPC420 Age-Restricted Adult Community Management

This course focuses on the unique management needs, legal considerations and challenges of active adult communities, also known as senior communities. You will learn approaches for effectively managing these communities’ specialized requirements and programs. Best practices will be discussed for creating a caring community culture and managing recreational and lifestyle programs.

CCAMs earn 4 CEUs. Learn more.
Service Provider Only Courses (Self-Paced, On-Demand)
SPL100 HOA Core Principles for Service Providers

As an HOA service provider, you will find that—just like any other niche industry—understanding the norms and expectations of your counterparts is going to be a key to success. As you gain experience, you will take fewer missteps. This course will jumpstart that process by allowing you to familiarize yourself with the industry, lead with humility, and know when to ask questions.

No CEUs. Learn more.