California Association of Community Managers

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The Certified Association Financial Management (CAFM) certification is an achievement associated with the latest industry standards. In order to stay up-to-date on key industry issues, CAFM holders need to pursue continuing education.

The CAFM recertification requirements are designed to keep you operating at your best and ensure the CAFM designation remains a symbol of commitment and best industry practices. CAFM holders must satisfy these recertification requirements every three years, starting from the first official certification date.

Continuing Education Requirements
CAFMs must meet the following continuing education requirements as part of the recertification process every three years:

  1. Earn at least 30 continuing education units (CEUs). Review all eligible courses, events and offerings by browsing online.

  2. Successfully complete a maximum of one CACM Ethics course, either LDR500 Advanced Ethics: Leadership & Decision Making or CMM230 Online Ethics (4 CEUs, which are applied to the 30 CEU requirement).

    The LDR500 Advanced Ethics: Leadership & Decision Making may be taken ONLY if you have completed a full RE-certification cycle (so after your first 3 year recertification period) Search for upcoming offerings.

    CMM130 Ethics for Community Managers no longer offers CEUs and may now only be taken by those becoming certifidied for the first time.

  3. Attend at least one full CACM Law Seminar (8 CEUs, which are applied to the 30 CEU requirement). Annual attendance is recommended, as CCAMs gain valuable legislative updates and earn 8 CEUs for each fully attended CACM Law Seminar. CACM offers two Law Seminar events annually:
    Northern California Law Seminar & Expo
    Southern California Law Seminar & Expo

Eligibility Requirements
In addition to the CEU requirements mentioned above, a CAFM who would like to recertify must remain in good standing -- meaning he/she keeps current with all event, education, certification maintenance and membership fees where applicable. The CAFM annual certification maintenance fee is $105 for CACM members and $500 for non-members.
The individual must also currently be employed in the practice of (or seeking employment as) a community association manager. If you are unable to meet these eligibility requirements, your CAFM credential will expire on the anniversary of your current renewal date. 

In addition, CAFMs may be terminated from the program for non-payment of fees, failure to complete recertification requirements or violations of the CACM Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Practice.
CAFM Recertification Application
After completing the 30 CEUs as stated above and verifying you meet the eligibility requirements for CAFM recertification, complete and submit a CAFM Recertification Application within 30 days of your expiration deadline. Applications will be processed the month of the recertification deadline. There is no fee for the recertification application.

For more information regarding CAFM certification, contact CACM’s Credentialing Administrator at 949.916.2226, ext. 319, or Or, look for your CAFM recertification questions in our Frequently Asked Questions.