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CACM plays a very active role in Sacramento working to impact policy on issues concerning California community associations. These efforts ensure that legislation affecting the day-to-day work of community managers and the industry as a whole is closely monitored and addressed in a way that reflects good legislation and public policy.

This section provides you with tools to keep up on legislative activities, as well as ways to get involved and have a voice in the decision-making process.

Support the CACM PAC, get in touch with your legislators, or attend a CACM function that connects you to the Capitol. Your voice counts, and CACM is dedicated to upholding the industry’s highest interests in Sacramento.


Legislative News Update: SB721 Delayed Until January 2018

The Senate Committee on Judiciary has decided to hear SB-721 in January 2018.  This is now a “two-year bill” – representing a great victory for the tenacity of CACM lobbying efforts. 

CACM has been vigorously opposing SB-721, which would have required structural inspection of balconies, walkways and other structures more than six feet above ground level in buildings with three or more units. Often the work that gets the most done in Sacramento is behind the scenes when the negotiations are quite intense and sometimes heated.  CACM has made convincing arguments, and now has the opportunity to build a solid case to address this important challenge to our industry. 

CACM and others in our coalition can take a modest degree of satisfaction in this brief win in slowing the bill. However, it cannot rest and must remain vigilant in its efforts to address this bill and the larger issue of balcony safety.