California Association of Community Managers

2018 Board of Director Candidates

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The election for CACM's 2018 Board of Directors will take place via electronic voting from November 13 through 26, 2017. All active CACM manager members will be sent an email on November 13, 2017 with voting information, a username and password, and a link to log onto the electronic voting system. Voting will close at 5:00 pm on November 26, 2017. 

The CACM Board of Directors is comprised of 15 directors.   The term of office is three years.  Each year, one third of the seats (5) are open for election.  A director is limited to two consecutive terms and must be re-elected after the first term.  A director having served six consecutive years on the board must wait a minimum of one year before running again for the board. 

We have five vacancies to fill for the 2018 Board of Directors.  Seven candidates have been vetted and approved by the current board of directors.  We will be electing five of the seven candidates to the board.  Cumulative voting is not permitted.  Each active voting member will have a total of up to five votes.  They are permitted to cast only one vote per candidate.   The new board members begin their terms on January 1, 2018 and will be introduced to the membership at the January Annual Meeting of the Members.

The following seven candidates are being presented in RANDOM ORDER based on a random generator. Please learn more about the candidates for CACM's 2018 Board of Directors:

Phyllis Harkins
Phyllis Harkins, CAMEx, CCAM-LS
The Management Trust, California Desert, ACMB

Read Phylillis' candidacy statement

Kelly Moss

Kelly Moss, CCAM-PM
Eugene Burger Management Corporation

Read Kelly's candidacy statement
Liza DeJesus, CCAM-HR
Seabreeze Management Company

Read Liza's candidacy statement
Robb Etnyre
Robb Etnyre, CAMEx, CCAM
Tahoe Donner Association

Read Robb's candidacy statement

Roy Helsing, CAMEx, CCAM
The Helsing Group, Inc. 

Read Roy's candidacy statement

Ed Szaky, CAMEx, CCAM
Matrix Association Management, ACMB
Liz Avalon, CCAM
Emerald Bay Community Association